SeeTreat partners with Lumonus

by Trang Nguyen 11:0apm 26/06/2024

Lumonus and SeeTreat are pleased to announce their partnership to improve personalisation and precision in radiotherapy treatment in the USA in 2025.

Combining Lumonus AI Product with SeeTreat's software solutions means ALL patients can be assured of receiving radiotherapy to the right place at the right time despite changes in tumour size or shape and anatomy over the course of treatment. Our combined software solutions are designed to be user centric, efficient and accessible to all. Our teams are excited to be joining forces to innovate for the benefit of millions of cancer patients each year.

SeeTreat has raised seed funding

by Trang Nguyen 13:05pm 8/04/2024

SeeTreat has raised seed funding of $700k! This significant milestone will support development and commercialisation of our products in Australia, the USA and Europe in early 2025. Our first products will improve patient outcomes by personalising and improving precision in radiotherapy treatment. Watch this space!

SeeTreat at ESTRO

by Hannah Crossman and Shivani Kumar 13:05pm 8/04/2024

We are thrilled to announce that SeeTreat will be well represented at ESTRO 2024 in Glasgow. Our CEO, Dr. Trang Nguyen, CPO, Dr. Sean Pollock, Director of Clinical Research, Prof. Paul Keall, and Dr Jeremy Booth will be in attendance from the 3rd to the 7th of May.

This year's theme of Radiation Oncology: Bridging the Care Gap, resounds strongly with SeeTreat's core value of providing equitable treatment to patients around the world.

This event offers a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the exciting progress SeeTreat has made and explore potential partnerships. If you are attending ESTRO and would like to connect, please reach out to us, and we will facilitate a meeting with our team.


SeeTreat's New Director: Antonia Dalton

by Hannah Crossman, Shivani Kumar, Antonia Dalton 13:05pm 8/04/2024

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Antonia Dalton as SeeTreat's Chief Strategy Officer to our company board. Antonia brings a wealth of commercial, financial, and legal expertise, complementing the skills of our existing team.

Her experience will be invaluable as SeeTreat's starts moving forward with partnerships in the Australian, American and European markets. Antonia previously worked as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at GenesisCare and is bringing that insight into her role as Executive Director at SeeTreat.

(15) Antonia (Abelson) Dalton | LinkedIn

Industry Growth Program Advisory Service

by Hannah Crossman and Shivani Kumar 13:05pm 8/04/2024

SeeTreat has a successful grant application for the Australian Federal Government Industry Growth Program Advisory Service. The service aims to support innovative enterprises that are creating unique products or significantly enhancing current products.

The program will provide advice in turning future ideas into profitable products and services and includes support surrounding investment, market testing, business models and networking. In addition to the valuable advice on offer, the Industry Growth Program also presents SeeTreat with the ability to apply to grants of up to $5 million for commercialisation and growth projects.

SeeTreat and ImageX NHMRC Grant

by Hannah Crossman 13:05pm 8/04/2024

SeeTreat is pleased to announce that, in partnership with the Image X Institute at the University of Sydney, we have successfully received a three-year NHMRC Development Grant to build an exciting new AI medical device.

The Development grant scheme expedites the translation of health and medical research outcomes through to commercialisation within a foreseeable timeframe. The funded research will focus on advancing and investigating a novel AI targeted radiation therapy software device that will personalise radiation therapy targeting to improve patient outcomes for lung, liver, and pancreas cancer patients.

SeeTreat's extensive experience in medical device product development will be invaluable throughout the progress of the grant. SeeTreat founders Professor Paul Keall (also the Director of the Image X Institute) and Dr Trang Nguyen (SeeTreat CEO) are the grant's Chief Investigators A and B respectively.

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